I wish he'd thought of that in the first place!

Saturday, June 23, 2007
I'd almost finished decorating the bathroom. Three weeks, it has taken me to get most things done, since I only had an hour or two at a time, when Little Angel wasn't around to put hand prints all over my newly painted walls. All that was left was putting up the waterproof paper on the back wall.

Then Hubby Dearest had a brainwave: "I think we should move the sink and the radiator around." Yes, it was a good idea: the sink was underneath the window, so we couldn't have a mirror on place for shaving/make-up and the like. Great, fair enough. Except this means that I have to redo most of the painting again, once the walls have been re plastered!!

And he did it, which surprised me immensely since we're also creating a "patio" on the back garden, and I didn't think he could manage two major household projects at once! So now I'm almost back to where I started, and need to do all the painting again. At least the layout looks miles better than it did! What's more, Hubby has finally become interested in the finished look: he's chosen some bathroom cabinets and fittings for when it's all complete, and has even bought the floor covering I had my eye on!

Thanks, darling! I do love you, you know :)

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