1. A safe mobile phone for your kids

    Friday, December 14, 2007
    Omego have developed a fully functional mobile phone for children. Unlike regular cell-phones, the Omego phone can be completely controlled: when and who a child can call, who can call them (to ensure strangers or unwanted calls are not received), plus many more useful features.

    The design of the handset is also very useful for younger hands: it cannot easily be broken or damages (issues which concern many parents in offering their child a regular handset to stay in touch!). Also it includes educational games and a fully featured kiddie scheduler so the children will always be organized.

    You can purchase the Omego phone with either a 12 month contract (for £15 per month, the handset is free), or as a Pay as you Talk handset from Amazon.co.uk which currently costs £89.99 (plus delivery).

    For more information or to purchase an Omego phone, visit the Omeg0 website at www.omegomobile.com

    Image credit: Peter Verkhovenskey
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  2. Organizers for busy mums

    Thursday, December 13, 2007
    With the new year fast approaching, I've been on the lookout for a new diary/organizer to help me keep track for the family. While most diaries and personal organizers are created to help women schedule for themselves, only a few seem to offer organization for a busy family. And any mum knows just how difficult it can be to keep track of all the family's appointments! So here are three of my favorites, any one of which would be a welcome Christmas gift for a busy parent!

    The "Mom Agenda Kitchen Folio"

    This particular organizer is aimed as mommies in the US though it's really so useful for any mum, no matter where in the world she may live!

    With this nifty organizer, you can store class lists, school schedules, sports schedules, menus and more in heavy-duty, clear plastic page protector. There are 24 interchangeable tabs so you can organize for each child or family member with ease, and there are forms for Birthdays/Anniversaries, Babysitter's Info, Medical Info, Important Phone Numbers, and more. This could easy become the organization hub for your whole family and beyond. What's more, it's delightful to look at with the pink faux lizard skin jacket!

    Cost $32.95 plus postage (approx £20)

    You can order the Mom Agenda from www.momagenda.com, and can download free sample pages and day planners for print from the site too.

    The Dodo Household Stuff Book

    This is a gem of a household book, with it's unique design and especially the usefulness of the pages contained within. The Dodo Household Stuff book has sections and pockets for every conceivable household scenario, from birthdays and anniversaries to motor maintenance and home insurance.

    You can purchase this either directly from the Dodopad website, or through Amazon (which is slightly cheaper, especially when accounting for the postage costs). You can also purchase extra pages to be used with the Household Stuff book, or find a range of complementary stationary to match the Dodo design.

    Cost £18.95 from Dodopad.com

    Life Book Diary

    Here is another beauty of a family organizer: the "Life Book" by Organized-mum.co.uk. Of the three books I've looked at here, this is the one I covet the most: aside from being incredibly useful with stickers and sections to help you keep the whole family well organised, this is beautiful to look at, heardwearing and luxurious with the optional tan leather cover!

    Price: from £5.99 for the pocket diary to £28.99 with tan leather cover from Organized-Mum.co.uk

    Image credit: BitchBuzz
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