Baby blues and man flu!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Little Angel seems much better now after her visit to the doctor yesterday. It seems I was mistaken in thinking that she would blame me for her suffering. No, she blamed the doctor, and now appears to hate him with a vengeance! She didn't scream but watched intently (while I had to look away) sobbing "I no likey medsinn, no likey doctor! No more medsinn!" A lollipop later and she was merely limping and sobbing quietly, demanding to be cuddled while we walked back to the car.

My little man was upset with me though. He'd overheard that little Angel was going for her injection and was cross that I'd put her through such an ordeal! He even let her play on his Nintendo (his most prized possession) to "help make her feel better".

It makes me feel so happy that my children love each other so much! Of course, things were back to normal within an hour, when they began to tease and argue again...

Hubby dearest appears to have "man flu". That is, he has what we women would call a common cold. For men, it seems a simple cold is blown out of all proportion and requires many cuddles, Lemsips on the hour, back rubs, sumptuous suppers and much TLC. Poor love, he'd be off work for a week, but unfortunately his partner's away on holiday in the Mediterranean sun and he has to run the shop single-handedly for a while. But I still love him to pieces! Last night, he told me that a husband can truly understand how much he loves and appreciates his wife when he is ill. I could have hugged him for hours!

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