All change in the realm of education...

Thursday, June 14, 2007
This term will be the last my son spends at his current school. In just a few weeks he'll be eleven, and "big school" looms in the autumn term...

Thankfully, he's quite excited about the experience. Unlike me, who is dreading the transition from "child" to "teenager", and all the extra responsibilities he'll have to deal with as a "young adult".

As we moved from one part of town to another, he won't be attending the same school as all of his friends, and I'm more than a little anxious that this will affect him more deeply than he believes. At the moment, he gets such a lot of support from his peers, in terms of his education as well as lasting friendship. You see, my son has never been a star of the school system. I wouldn't say by any means that he's not intelligent! No, he's very bright, imaginative and intelligent in his personal way. It's just that he doesn't fit the model of an average school child.

I'd hate for him to ever believe that he is in any way inadequate; far from it! The things he excels at are just different from the norm: his imagination is fabulous, he creates stories and imagery no-one else could even dream of. And absolutely no-one could ever beat him at computer games. Yet I'm anxious that such feelings may develop when he begins life at his new school: young students can be so ruthless in their approval of others.

Knowing my son, he'll quell my fears the minute he begins attendence: he's such a charmer, and these past couple of years he's made such leaps in his educational achievements. I can't help wondering if his little sister has had a lot to do with this: he loves her so much, and has really matured since she was born; he's more settled now, better natured and more willing to learn. We really have a son to be proud of here!

On the same hand, we decided it was time to enrol our little angel in nursery school, and today went to visit "Little Rascals". Wow, she loved it there: loads more children to play with; dressing up; painting and toys! Oh, she loved the toys!

Hubby was very happy with the nursery and decided to enrol her straight away. Mind you, it will cost us quite a bit as it's a private nursery, so I insisted we begin with only one session per week to see how it goes.

Next week for the first session, I think I'm going to be more upset that she is: for the past two years, she's been with me constantly: I'm hardly going to know what to do with myself if she's away for a whole morning each week! Today she would have waved us off and played merily for the day if we hadn't dragged her away from the play dough!

Much change is ahead for both my little angels, and though they grow they will still always be babies to me.

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